asparagus and potato frittata


Do not try this one at home kids. COMPLETE AND UTTER BOLLOCKY DISASTER!

You’ll note the in-the-pan photo, and not an on-the-plate photo, and for very good reason.

For starters; the potatoes came out under cooked, which may have been my fault as I used regular ole potatoes, cubed, instead of new. I don’t know, do regular potatoes take longer to boil? I guess that would make sense. Poor old taties. I ended up pan frying them a little to finish cooking them through.

The asparagus appeared to be just for decoration, I blanched for precisely one minute as the recipe advised (I actually timed the cooking for once in my life), and apparently that was enough to suck away every tiny bit of asparagussy flavour.

And I burnt the bum of the damn thing. I haven’t burnt eggs in like, well, ever. I had the heat low, so I guess there was just too much STUFF in the pan that by the time it got to the eggs being at the finishing under the grill stage the bottom was already inedible.

It was soooo dry, that when the kids pushed their plates of glorified omelette away in disgust, instead of lecturing them on wasting food, I did too. Its such a shame it didn’t live up to how truly glorious it looked. I will not be trying this one again, but if you’d like to see if you can better my efforts, the recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website here:



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